Sunday, 13 October 2013


With Halloween and Bonfire Night nearly upon us it also means an extra hour in bed, when the clocks change from Sunday, 27th October 2013.

Now is the time not to be complacent about security. According to research conducted into the rise in crime and claims on insurance at this time, Norfolk suffered a 19% increase in crime.   

Are you security aware...?

Whilst most of us look forward to the extra hour in bed, an opportunist criminal is plotting an extra hour of unplanned thefts - could you be the next target? 

AGS have put together some points to consider as we head into the months of shorter days and early dark nights...

  • Make sure it appears that someone is in - whether at home or at the office. Especially if you leave earlier than normal
  • Ensure you lock EVERY door AND window. Use secure locks. A small window is a large opportunity for a thief
  • If you have a driveway; install a gate and secure it. Even when you are in, when pratical
  • Look at your building as if you were planning to break easy is it? Make notes and share these with people in the building and formulate a plan to improve your security
  • Create a "Close Down Procedure" for your business; share a procedure checklist with all key holders who will potentially lock down your business. Include all windows, doors, alarm systems, side gates, main gate and so on. Why not think about whether to randomise a light to leave on each night to confuse observant criminals? Get consultation from a professional company 
  • Ensure your alarm system is linked to the response centre and is functioning correctly. What is your up-to-date key holder list? Are you police linked? Do your key holders know the procedure? Have you reviewed your alarm response system with your security company? Consider looking at a professional alarm response service.
  • Don't leave valuables on show; This may seem like common sense, but is the biggest cause of opportunist thefts. It isn't necessarily what can be seen through a window...but think about the packaging it comes in. New computer boxes left outside in rubbish areas tells a thief there is a reason to enter!
There are a raft of proactive security measures you can take to prevent criminal activity towards your business. 

AGS provide the following services for local businesses, to assist you in preventing loss of stock and business...

  • Security Guards - Larger businesses benefit from the luxury of night, or 24 hour security. AGS provide SIA trained and licensed security officers to businesses in the area. Moving to a security provider from in-house could save a business up to 22% on the cost of security. Ask for a free consultation to find out how.
  • Emergency Guard Services - Although your business may not require security 24 hours a day, certain circumstances may require that additional security measures be taken in the short term. For instance; break down in alarm or CCTV systems, broken entry points (such as shutter doors) that cannot be immediately fixed or secured.
  • Mobile Patrols - AGS offer a proactive, mobile security patrol across the area. Visiting premises at irregular intervals through the night, during dark hours. Find out more here
  • Key Holder and Emergency Alarm Response Services - Why not protect your personnel and let AGS be your first responder key holder. Our trained and licensed SIA guards will attend, secure, liaise with police whilst your key holders remain safe and secure. Find out more here
  • Lock and Unlock Services - Criminals will watch and get to know your company procedures very quickly. What time you open...what time you lock down. Why put a key holder at risk when our SIA guards could attend, secure or unsecure your premises on your behalf. The staff are then free to enter or leave the premises in the knowledge that they are safe. Find our more here
  • Security Systems; Alarms, Access Points, CCTV - Time for a review? AGS can assist you. Find out more here

AGS is a professional, affordable solution to your security requirements. Why not visit the site and ask for a FREE consultation. It doesn't cost anything...but bad security systems could. 

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