Sunday, 13 October 2013


A Newcastle clubber is being traced by police following a YouTube video posted online identified a “serious incident” involving the party goer and a bar door supervisor. 
The Metro, using the word “bouncer” proves what a disgrace this footage is showing an SIA licensed door supervisor viscously “body slamming” the reveller on the pavement outside the venue – worryingly watched by another colleague and cheered on by fellow clubbers.
As the industry still strives to combat the ongoing stigma surrounding door supervisors – this is a clear demonstration that proves it is essential to ensure you have the right company and the right team for your venue. Although, admittedly, we do not know the whole story of what happened in this incident – there is NO excusing the unnecessary level of violence used.
A word of advice…choose your team carefully, ensure you have briefed them on behaviour and professional standing, vet and CRB check every employee and don’t leave yourself open to professional destruction – something I am sure this employee's company is dealing with now. Do you really want over half a million YouTube hits because your door team did this? I know I wouldn’t! 
You can see the footage here. PLEASE BE AWARE – graphic footage.

View the Metro Story and Video - Click Here

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